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Retail manager

Retail managers look after stores, motivate staff to achieve sales targets, organise promotional events and monitor industry trends.

Potential salary

£20,000 to £70,000

Employment by 2024


Working hours

40 to 42 a week

  • customer service skills
  • patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations
  • the ability to accept criticism and work well under pressure
  • the ability to work well with others
  • leadership skills
  • to enjoy working with other people
  • sensitivity and understanding
  • the ability to sell products and services
  • business management skills
  • to be able to use a computer and the main software packages competently

Your day-to-day tasks may include:

  • managing and motivating teams to increase sales
  • overseeing recruitment and training of staff
  • keeping track of stock and ordering
  • organising sales promotions and in-store events
  • dealing with queries, complaints and feedback from customers
  • analysing sales figures and forecasting future sales
  • maintaining awareness of market trends and monitoring competitors
  • controlling budgets and costs
  • providing reports to senior company executives

You could work at a store or in an office.

With experience you could progress into area or regional management.

You could also move into more specialist areas, like customer service, training and operations management.

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