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Higher Education

Welcome to the University Centre at the Heart of Yorkshire Education Group

Entering Higher Education is about more than gaining a qualification – it’s an opportunity to boost your life skills, gain independence, enrich your experiences and can give you an enormous sense of achievement.

Whether you want to study Higher Education to change your career or expand your prospects further, we offer a range of full-time and part-time programmes that can be carried out flexibly and affordably.

At the University Centre at the Heart of Yorkshire Education Group, our students are more than a number. Due to our smaller class sizes, we are able to get know our students personally and can support their learning and growth on a one-to-one basis. The nature of how our courses are delivered also mean that students can study alongside other commitments, whether that be around employment, a family, or other hobbies.

What is also fantastic about our programmes, is that they are delivered in conjunction with leading universities – meaning you are able to gain the same, recognised qualification without the higher tuition fees or living costs.

Missed the UCAS deadline? Don't worry, it's not too late to apply with us!

To apply to one of our full-time Honours Degrees, Foundation Degrees, or Higher National Certificate/ Diploma courses or part-time or Access courses, you can apply directly to us online via our Higher Education course webpages.

2022 National Student Survey

In the 2022 National Student Survey, the Heart of Yorkshire Education Group was ranked in the top three Higher Education organisations in Yorkshire for Overall Student Satisfaction. 90% of the Group’s students claimed they were satisfied with the quality of their degree-level course, placing the Group significantly above the designated benchmark of 77%.

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