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Level Entry / 3

Essential Digital Skills

Digital Skills are more important than ever and understanding digital technology and communication is vital to stay connected in work and life.

It is estimated that 11.3 million people in the UK lack basic digital skills and 8% of adults in the UK have no basic digital skills at all.

Our course is designed to give you the confidence to complete computer related tasks used in everyday situations, but also develop basic skills to help you in any professional role.

Duration: The course is flexible so can be completed in your own time. It is modular in nature with the commitment being equivalent to 50 hours of learning.

Course Fees: The cost of the programme will be based upon personal circumstances and for a number of learners will be free. Contact us to discuss your personal circumstances.

Learn how to:

• Use digital skills to handle information, including how to create, find and organise files.

• Create and edit digital content using different applications to enter, edit, format, enhance and save work.

• Use digital skills to communicate through email and other forms of online communication suitable for different purposes.

• Work online and use digital devices safely and responsibly including the storing of personal and sensitive data and being able to identify risks and threats.

• Identify and solve common technical problems whilst being able to identify sources of help when needed.

The courses are available at two levels and the most suitable programme for you will be discussed with our adult learning team. Progression may be to the next level of qualification, onto higher-level IT qualifications or a number of other college programmes.

These qualifications have no formal entry requirements but are aimed at a range of learners, who:

  • Have no or limited experience of using digital devices
  • Require skills to:
    • Apply for government funding
    • Manage finances
    • Progress in work or further study
    • Communicate with family, friends, colleagues and peers who are at a distance

ID to be provided prior to course.

You will create a portfolio of evidence as you progress through the course. You will complete short, practical and written tasks that will be assessed by your tutor.