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A Level, Level 3

Applied Criminology

Criminology is the study of crime. It involves examining how crime is defined, analysing its extent and impact on individuals and society, outlining assessing explanations for why people commit crime and examining the role of officials and organisations involved in trying to control crime.

This qualification takes what is called an ‘interdisciplinary’ approach as it is influenced by contributions from Sociology, Psychology and Law. In common with these subjects you must be prepared to read and be open-minded. This subject also takes an applied approach so that assessments involve examining criminal case studies.

The subject is useful for anyone considering a career working in the criminal justice system.

Please note: Whilst this course sits within our A Level provision and can be taken alongside other A Levels, the qualification you will gain at the end of the programme is a WJEC Level 3 Diploma, rather than an A Level.

You will study a variety of areas, including:

  • Changing Awareness of Crime – What influences how seriously a crime is perceived by the public? How campaigns are used to bring about change.
  • Criminological Theories – What is crime and deviance? How is it measured? What makes individuals commit crime?
  • Crime Scene to Courtroom – What are the roles of the officials who become involved once a crime is detected? What happens when someone is charged with an offence? What safeguards are in place to ensure a fair trial?
  • Crime and Punishment – What are the aims of punishment? How effective are different criminal justice organisations at controlling crime?

The course will help you to progress to study a university degree in Criminology either as a subject on its own or combined with either Psychology or Sociology.

Potential Careers

  • Police Officer
  • Probation Officer
  • Social Worker
  • Court Administrator
  • Prison Officer

5 GCSEs at Grade 9-4 including English Language and Maths

50% exam, 50% coursework