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A Level, Level 3


Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind, behaviour and experience. As such, it attempts to investigate, understand and explain behaviours such as obedience, aggression, relationships and attachment. Psychology is suitable for anyone who is interested in understanding what motivates human behaviour, as we will look at many aspects of this in depth. You do not need to have studied Psychology before, but you must be prepared to research, read, work hard, and have an open mind. The course consists of three exams at the end of two years, and the course will develop your academic skills in ways that will benefit you in the future, regardless of whether you go on to a career in Psychology.

You will cover a variety of subjects, including:

• Memory and Eyewitness Testimony

• Psychopathology (Depression, OCD and Phobias)

• Conformity and Obedience

• The Formation, Maintenance and Breakdown of Relationships

• Aggression

• Schizophrenia

Many of our students progress to study a University degree.

If you intend to take psychology at degree level it is advisable to study Core Maths too due to the research methods component of the course.

The minmum requirements are 5 GCSESs at Grade 5, including Maths and English. Grade 5 is reccomended in GCSE Science

100% Exam

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