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A Level, Level 3


Sociology is the study of human society and involves questioning many aspects of life that we take for granted. We will explore changes in society and seek to explain them. You do not have to have studied Sociology before, but must be prepared to read and be open-minded – we will discuss different opinions and identify strengths and weaknesses in different arguments. The subject is useful for anyone considering a career working with people as it helps understand what motivates human beings.

You will study a variety of areas, including:

• The Family – What is a family? How has the family changed recently and what are the reasons for these changes?

• Education – What is the role of schools? What are the reasons why some people succeed in education and some do not?

• Crime and Deviance – Why do some people commit crime? How reliable are crime statistics? What is the role of the police, the courts and the prisons?

• Research Methods – The strengths and limitations of the different methods that sociologists use for investigating society.

• Beliefs in Society – Has science replaced religion in modern society? What role does religion play in society?

In studying these topics you will also examine:

• The Influence of the Media

• The Impact of Gender, Social Class and Ethnicity

• The Impact of Globalisation on Modern Society

Many of our students progress to study a university degree in Sociology, Criminology, Journalism or Humanities.

The minimum requirements are 4 GCSES at grade 5, plus English Language at Grade 4. If you have not achieved a grade 4 in Maths, you will be required to continue studying this alongside your course.

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