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14 -16 Curriculum

School Link Provision at Selby College

Selby College currently offers two types of programmes for school age learners:



Selby College are very proud of it’s Early College Transfer (ECT) programme which offers schools and students in Year 11 a challenging alternative curriculum for a specific group of learners.

It provides students who may be disengaged in mainstream school, or for whom school is not considered to be the best option, the opportunity to complete their final year of school with us at College. The provision is also suitable for elected home school students who are registered with the local EHE team.

ECT is a full-time provision where students attend College for 3 days each week and are infilled into a Post 16 group in a vocational subject area of their choice – typically at level 1.

Learners will combine this vocational subject with qualifications in Maths and English.

The students will remain on school role and the home school are responsible for organising any additional learning or work experience for the learner on days when they are not in college.

One year full time provision normally equating to 17 hours per week for 36 weeks.

Minimum £9.80 per pupil per hour.



Technical Awards are broad, high quality level 1 and 2 qualifications that equip students with applied knowledge and associated practical skills not usually acquired through general education.

Our new programme of study offers accredited two/three year part-time courses for school-age learners in Years 9,10 and 11. These vocational qualifications carry Performance Points which contribute towards Progress and Attainment 8.


We have a range of accredited courses, short courses, taster sessions and taster days available
Early College TransferOne Year, full-time accredited provision for Year 11 students in a range of vocational areas.£9.80 per hour, per learner.
Technical Awards and other Accredited CoursesOne or two year part-time accredited courses for Year 10/11 pupils in a range of vocational areas.£95 per hour per group (max 12)
Year 10 Taster DaysScheduled by College four times each academic year. Pupils choose two vocational or four A-Level subjects to study for the day. Lunch is provided.Subsidised by Wakefield College and Castleford College.
Taster SessionsScheduled on request by schools, comprising of short, non-accredited sessions in am, pm or twilight slots for Year 9 to Year 11. A range of subject areas is available to choose from.FREE.
In School SessionsScheduled on request by schools, comprising of a College Tutor teaching a lesson in school to give learners an insight into what a subject consists of at College.FREE.
Discovery DaysA guided tour of individual College Campuses, with lunch included. Maximum 16 pupils at any one time. Schedule runs between 9.30am and 3pm at the convenience of the school.FREE.
Non-accredited CoursesProgrammes Including Yr. 10 Pre-Early College Transfer, Vocational Carousel and Flex Transition.Variable - please contact the School Partnerships team.

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