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Supporting your school

Working in partnership, aspiring to excellence

Being a student is one of the most exciting times of a young person’s life and so it is vital that they choose the right place and programme of study.

At Selby College there is a great learning experience waiting and courses that will provide students with skills and knowledge to cope with the next important stage of their life.

We aim to give young people information, advice and guidance about courses and potential career options, to ensure they are achieving their full potential. We're passionate about showcasing Selby College and all the fantastic courses we offer, in a wide range of subject areas.

Working in Partnership

Working in partnership with local schools, employers and learning providers

Selby College is committed to working in partnership with local schools, employers and learning providers to transform learning, raise attainment and achievement and encourage progression across the district. The School Partnerships programme aims to raise learners awareness of Further and Higher Education, while encouraging continued participation.

We offer schools across the district a comprehensive range of activities for pupils who are looking to enhance their curriculum, and broaden their knowledge and understanding of opportunities in Further Education and employment.

Why Selby?

We feel strongly that our courses are relevant to children at Key Stage 4, and are pleased to introduce Technical Awards which carry performance points into our provision. These contribute towards Progress and Attainment 8 as we endeavour to ensure vocational learning is still accessible for schools and young people.

Our programmes offer schools a meaningful and challenging alternative curriculum which helps the development of young people while keeping them engaged in education and providing a clear pathway into post-16 education.

This is by no means all that we can offer. We also seek to be flexible and if you have an idea of how we can support your school and students please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.

School Partnerships Prospectus (2023/24)

School Partnerships Prospectus (2023/24)

Selby College Schools Liaison Brochure (2022/23)

Selby College School Liaison Brochure 2022 23

Year 10 Taster DaysScheduled by College four times each academic year. Pupils choose two vocational or four A-Level subjects to study for the day. Lunch is provided.Subsidised by Selby College.
Taster SessionsScheduled on request by schools, comprising of short, non-accredited sessions in am, pm or twilight slots for Year 9 to Year 11. A range of subject areas is available to choose from.FREE.
In School SessionsScheduled on request by schools, comprising of a College Tutor teaching a lesson in school to give learners an insight into what a subject consists of at College.FREE.
Discovery DaysA guided tour of individual College Campuses, with lunch included. Maximum 16 pupils at any one time. Schedule runs between 9.30am and 3pm at the convenience of the school.FREE.
Non-accredited CoursesProgrammes Including Yr. 10 Pre-Early College Transfer, Vocational Carousel and Flex Transition.Variable - please contact the School Partnerships team.

Get in Touch

James Pennington, Head of School Partnerships, Admissions & Course Information

E: T: 07759 365012

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Courtney Sunman, Student Recruitment Officer

E: T: 01757 211145

Admissions Enquiries and Information