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Level Entry

Vocational Options, Tasters and Employability (VOTE)

FLEX VOTE is a highly supported programme designed to improve your confidence, personal and social skills, employability skills, Maths and English as well as an opportunity to sample different vocational tasters. FLEX VOTE will help you to develop the skills you need to progress onto a Level 1 vocational course, a supported internship, traineeship, or apprenticeship. As you will try a range of vocational tasters, this programme will help you decide on your career pathway.

Through lots of different activities, you will be working on gaining self-confidence, developing teamwork skills, and improving your independence.

You will learn by a variety of practical sessions, educational visits and classroom based learning.

Your programme of study will concentrate on improving and developing: -

Personal & Social Skills, Employability, Maths, English Vocational Options and Digital Functional Skills (E3 Level).

The aim of FLEX VOTE is to help you to develop skills, improve your confidence and increase your self-esteem to help you progress to a Level 1 vocational course of your choice.

The programme also opens up possible opportunities for the College's employment focused study programmes like Get SET, Preparation for Work and Project SEARCH.

There are no formal entry requirements as this course can accommodate and be tailored to suit your needs based on your current levels of English and maths.

By a variety of means which could include:

  • Portfolio building
  • Production of practical work
  • Assessment tests

You may take external qualifications in English and maths and will complete an accredited course at your level of study, which include either an Award or Extended Award (at Entry 2 or Entry 3) in Employability. Personal development is also an inclusive part of the qualification. You will also receive Heart of Yorkshire certificates for elements of the course which are not externally assessed.