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DFN Project SEARCH (Supported Internship Programme)

This Supported Internship Programme has been developed in partnership with DFN Project SEARCH and local employers.

The programme is aimed at young people aged 18-24 with an EHCP who aspire to paid employment. Working with a tutor and a job coach, you will have the opportunity to learn essential skills within a real working environment. You will also continue to develop the English and maths skills that you will need in the workplace.

You will have a combination of short classroom sessions and real on the job work experience, all set in the workplace.

Through a process of systematic instruction, you will learn the various skills you need to be able to carry out your job role. You will also develop safe working practice, communication skills and appropriate conduct at work.

There are no formal entry qualifications, but your place must be commissioned by the Local Authority. You must also be motivated and have an aspiration to work.

You will be trained to complete a variety of different tasks and on-going assessment and feedback will support you to complete them to the required standard. You will be working towards personal and work-based targets to develop the skills you need to be successful in work.