Harry Mitchell | Selby College
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Harry Mitchell

Level 2 Public Services and Level 3 Uniformed Protective Services

What do/did you enjoy the most about your course?

I enjoyed all of the expeditions that we did during my three years at Selby College, as well as the team building tasks that we did. This helped to push me through any struggles that I had as I knew I people had my back.

Are there any particular tutors who have helped you throughout your course?

My tutors Adam Sawden, Matthew Duck and Kayleigh Stevenson really helped me throughout my course. They helped me in my ability to write an assignment and also had a huge impact on my communication skills as I struggled with speaking and presenting to a group.

What skills have you learnt via your course?

I gained teamwork and communication skills which have helped me in my role as they are core values in the Royal Navy, which are known as C2 DRIL. This is what the navy expects from all of its sailors and stands for Courage, Commitment, Discipline, Respect for others, Integrity and Loyalty.

Before I even applied for the navy, I felt that I had already started gaining the skills for me to have C2 DRIL. This is because I had to show courage when I had to do something I didn't like. Commitment when we hiked up pen ‘y’ gent, for example. I showed discipline when I had an assignment due, showed respect for others when doing anything team building related. If I did something I wasn't meant to, I showed integrity by owning up to it.

What did you progress onto after completing your qualification?

During my time at College, I was asked to write an assignment on a chosen role. The role I chose was Warfare Specialist in the Royal Navy. When doing my research for the role, I liked what I was reading so during a class I applied for the Royal Navy.

The College really helped me with my application and my fitness test. My course enabled me to use the college gym for free and my course had fitness elements in it, which helped me achieving the times and requirements for the test, allowing me to progress with my application. I’m now currently in Phase 2 of my training as an Able Seaman 2 WS (EW).