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A Level Students' Careers Week Activities

Thursday 7 March 2024

This week marks National Careers Week and Selby College is honouring the achievements of its alumni who have advanced into exceptional careers. Additionally, the College is engaging its current students in an array of activities, presentations, and workshops focused on career ambitions.

Back in January, the Sixth Form Centre conducted its own Careers Week, aimed at encouraging A Level students to consider their career options from an early stage. Here is what they got up to:

Monday 22nd January
Laura Tisdall from Newcastle University hosted a workshop for the students where they learnt about the History of childhood.

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Tuesday 23rd & Wednesday 24th January

A variety of speakers visited the Science department to give the students some career advice. Dr Catherine Robinson, a local General Practitioner, Lizzy Morris, a haematology postgraduate student at the University of York and Nicola Sumpter, a dietician based in Selby, spoke about each of their academic journeys and how they led them to careers in their respective fields.

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Thursday 25th January

First year Chemistry students were involved in the RSC’s Chemistry Olympiad – a national competition for Chemistry students. The students faced challenging questions where they had to apply their classroom knowledge and skills to real-life research scenarios.

Meanwhile, A Level English Literature students took part in a digital marketing workshop with craft beer company, Brew York, whilst A Level Biology students discussed the development of vaccines with a visitor from the University of York.

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Friday 26th January

Students met with scientists from CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, who spoke to them about careers and research developments in the world of Physics.

Elayna Hugh-Jones, who forms part of the Outreach Team at Newcastle University, also conducted a series of sessions throughout the day. In the morning, she spoke to the College’s BTEC and A Level students about the importance of medical ethics, before working with Psychology students to discuss careers and opportunities in Forensic Psychology. Elayna then hosted a practical session for the BTEC and A Level Chemistry students who became pharmacists for the afternoon, making their own ‘magic gels’ in a session entitled ‘Saved by the Gel’.

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It is important that the students are thinking about their next steps after College and know what options they have and what they can achieve. I feel really passionate about the fantastic opportunities staff create for the students at Selby College and it’s great to see the students engaged and receptive during these sessions.

Kirsty Butterworth, Curriculum Development Manager at Selby College.
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