Matthew Duck | Selby College
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Matthew Duck

BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching and Exercise Science and Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)

Why did you chose to study at Selby College?

I started at the College on a Level 3 BTEC Sport course in 2013. Following this, I decided to stay at the College to study a Foundation Degree in Sports Coaching and Exercise Sciences before carrying out my PGCE at the College. Many factors influenced my decision to remain at the College, including the help received from tutors is much more effective, due to being able to sit down and discuss any issues about work with them one-to-one - a scenario which I feel is lacking at the larger universities. There are also a lot more opportunities to gain quality feedback on performance with assessments and presentations. In addition to this, the course offered is cheaper than those at universities meaning I didn't have to worry about falling into large amounts of debt with loans, as well as being able to live much more comfortably throughout the academic year.

What did you enjoy the most about your course?

Carrying out my degree-level study at Selby College was a positive experience as it allowed me to save money and remain local. I enjoyed learning about the different pathways that I could potentially embark on within sports, which greatly broadened my horizons. I also really enjoyed the various opportunities to attend trips and residentials, as well as to have discussions with tutors and gain valuable feedback.

Are there any tips you would like to pass on to prospective students?

Remain on time with assignments and always use the opportunities for feedback from tutors as this can be extremely beneficial. By taking on their feedback, you are able to improve and progress as an individual. I'd also recommend focusing hard within class so that you don't need to do any extra work at home, which creates more free time for yourself.

Please don't think that the only route in sport is being a P.E teacher – there are multiple different pathways. I would recommend that students get themselves into volunteering early should coaching be a chosen pathway for them. This will help them get their foot in the door for their career.

Matthew is now a Lecturer in Sport and Public Services at the College.