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Mark Reynolds

Level 2 European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) in IT, Level 2 Functional Skills English and Level 2 Maths

What course are you currently studying? Have you carried out any other courses at the College?

I’m currently working towards my ECDL ICT Level 2 qualification. I have also completed my Functional Skills Level 2 English and Level 2 Maths qualifications as part of Selby College’s Adult Learning Hub.

Why did you choose to study at Selby College?

I left high school with very little qualifications, but that never stopped me from gaining employment. I have worked as a Firefighter for North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service for the past 22 years – which has always been my dream job. I also work as a Fish Monger/Butcher at Morrisons alongside this.

In December 2020, I wanted to embark on a new challenge, so I applied and was given a conditional offer of employment as an Emergency Care Assistant with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service. Alongside being a Firefighter, working with the Ambulance Service has also been a life-long goal of mine.

Unfortunately, I was unable to process his application further due to the fact that I had not completed my Level 2 Functional Maths and English qualifications. Initially, I wasn’t sure where to turn and thought my dreams of becoming an Emergency Care Assistant were over. Determined to find a solution, I enquired about part-time Adult courses at Selby College.

What do you enjoy the most about your course?

For both courses I’ve carried out, I have enjoyed the relaxed attitude from all the tutors that he was involved with. Their positivity towards all adult students is second to none, as is their knowledge in each course that I took. The courses can also be worked around yourself and there was never any rush to complete, you can take the course at your own pace and at a level that suits you. During my time at the College, I was fortunate enough to meet many different people who are all in the same position as I was, all doing something to better ourselves and gain a recognised qualification that many employers require.

Are there any particular tutors who have helped you throughout your course?

Sarah Jarvis and Daniel Rhodes are the tutors that I mainly had the pleasure of working with. They both had an amazing attitude towards the students, giving myself and others the confidence to do well. They were always positive.

What will your qualification enable you to do?

My qualification has enabled me to move one step closer to gaining employment with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service and to continue helping those who need it the most.

Whilst working for the Fire Service, I have been part of an amazing group of individuals who go above and beyond to help others daily. This career has now given me the opportunity to further challenge myself and continue to help others by applying for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service who in turn do an incredible job day in day out.

Once he starts his new role, Mark will work alongside paramedics as part of emergency ambulance crews who are attending 999 calls. As part of this, Mark will help provide patients with potentially life-saving care and, where needed, getting patients to hospital.