Josey Grace | Selby College
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Josey Grace

Higher National Diploma Art and Design

"I chose to study HE at Selby College because the tutors are so passionate and dedicated to their job that you have a constant support network; the classes are smaller and therefore you get more guidance than you would at a large university. Not only is the course more affordable but it means you can stay at home, which I preferred as it meant I was able to keep my car and travel around doing outdoor photography, and I could use my maintenance loan for my photography equipment rather than it going on rent at a university. I found that because the tutors already knew your level of working you were not made to revisit subjects; I know people that went to university and had a full year of revisiting the same subjects. Because of this you were able to develop and grow much quicker and I found this benefited my workflow greatly. The facilities were really good, better than some of the universities I have seen. The trust and flexibility you have within the course is no different than at university. I couldn’t have asked for a better support network with the tutors, you knew that they were always there to give a helping hand when needed. Prior to the HE course I did not feel I was ready to set up a business however after the course I felt ready with more knowledge and experience in both my photography skills and the industry in general; the HND enabled me to understand not only more practical photography but also how to create a business from scratch, from being educated on insurance and copyright to how to interact and work with people, it really boosted my confidence."