Joe Newton | Selby College
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Joe Newton

Higher National Diploma Business

“To put it simply, my time at Selby College studying Higher National Diploma in Business has been one of the best and most educational experiences of my life. After studying A Levels at Selby College previously, the transition onto my current course was seamless due to the amazing support from all of the staff and tutors involved in the process - an invaluable resource in ensuring I felt comfortable in my education and able to learn effectively.

Studying at the College previously helped me with moving onto the Level 4 course, as I already knew many of the tutors and staff. The genuine kind-heartedness of the staff, as well as their drive to do as much good for the students as they possibly can, would make Selby College an excellent choice for any individual seeking Higher Education.

The Higher Education courses offered by the College also have lower fees than most university courses. The positioning of the College also makes travel far more convenient and the smaller class sizes allow you to build a stronger connection with the tutors, something that I believe is essential to obtaining a thorough and in depth understanding of any subject. The tutors have great area knowledge and experience themselves and work very hard to ensure appropriate resources are made available to support and further the students’ education, such as journals and text books.”