Adam Thompson | Selby College
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Meet the students

Adam Thompson

Higher National Certificate/Diploma in General Engineering

How did you hear about the course?

I found out about the General Engineering course through my employer Dale Power Solutions. I’m currently an Apprentice with the company and have been with them for over five years. After completing my Level 3 course in Engineering, I wanted to progress on to my Level 4 qualification. My employer found that Selby College has an excellent pass rate and deemed it would be the best place for me to complete my qualification.

How are you benefitting from the Institute of Technology?

The College’s role in the Yorkshire & Humber Institute of Technology (YHIoT) has provided myself and my fellow course mates with a wide range of useful kit for us to be trained on. Before I came to Selby College, there was a lot of equipment out in the field which I wasn’t familiar with. But now I know how automatics, pneumatics, power fluid and mechanisms work and have been able to introduce this knowledge into my day-to-day job. I can also now recommend systems to my employer which has helped me develop and make improvements to the company I work for.

How would you describe the IoT facilities?

The IoT facilities here at Selby College are heaven. The environment is wonderful and the equipment is out of this world compared to previous places of education. This has helped me feel right at home as an engineer and has helped me get hands on involvement with equipment that I’ve only dreamed of working with.

Do you have any advice for someone who is looking to do an Engineering course?

For anyone who is looking to carry out a Higher Apprenticeship or Higher Education in Engineering, my advice would be to come to Selby College. The course has enabled me to expand my knowledge set in Engineering, which I didn’t think was possible before starting the course. The teaching is tailored to you and your goals to ensure that you gain the knowledge and experience needed to advance and secure your chosen career in the future.