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Digital Experience

At Selby College we use Google (Google for Education) to support your teaching and learning.

You may already be familiar with using Google through your school, or for some it may be a new learning experience. Google is a very intuitive system that provides easy access to teaching resources and apps to support your learning.

Google for Education

We use Google to enable you to access your work and resources as easily at home as at college. Google can be accessed across multiple devices with only internet access required (IT support, devices and dongles are available to ensure no students are disadvantaged by technology). The work you do in college is the same work you access at home, removing the need to save to USB memory sticks and reducing the risk of losing your work.

We use the following apps to support your learning:

  • Google Classroom - a course based platform to access course resources, undertake activities and upload assignment submissions
  • Google Drive - cloud based storage to save your files and folders
  • Google Meet - online meeting/video access

Using Google also means access to free ‘office applications’ including:

  • Docs - word processing app
  • Slides - presentation app
  • Sheets - spreadsheet app