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Additional Learning Support

Selby College is committed to working with all students to identify and meet their learning needs and goals.

Some students find parts of their course difficult and may require Additional Learning Support to help them develop the skills they need to be successful at college.

What is Skills Support?

Additional Learning Support covers anything that you feel you need to succeed on your course. This could include:

  • Study Skills
  • Exam Preparation
  • Revision Technique
  • Assignment Skills
  • Support for Literacy, Numeracy or English as a Second Language (ESOL)

When you start Additional Learning Support, you will work with your support tutor to ensure that you receive the right support to complete and succeed on your course.

If you have a learning difficulty or disability your tutor will work on special strategies and techniques that meet your needs, for example - time management and organisational skills.

We can also provide specialist equipment if you need it.

How is Additional Learning Support Identified?

  • We identify students who will benefit from Additional Learning Support in a number of ways:
  • Self-referral - you can ask for Additional Learning Support at any time during your course.
  • Tutor referral - your Course Tutor may suggest that Additional Learning Support will help you to improve your performance.
  • Initial Assessment - all students complete this at the start of their course.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

How will Skills Support fit in with my main course?

Your Additional Learning Support session will be arranged around your main course, to fit in with your timetable. Sometimes you will work one-to-one with a Tutor, or in a small group.

Do I need to attend my session every week?

It is expected that you will attend your support sessions every week.

Where will my support sessions be held?

Skills Support sessions will take place in the Additional Learning Support Hub.

Will people know I am receiving support?

Course Tutors and GSTs will know if you are receiving support and anyone else you wish to tell.

Student Comments

"I have gained more skills in writing and grammar and felt that my sessions were really useful."

"Although I was unsure at the start, the sessions have helped me a lot over the past few months, realising the best route for me to take in life. Thanks."

"Assignments were explained and simplified which gave me the confidence to complete them thoroughly - thank you."

Help and Information

For further help and information, please contact the Additional Learning Support Manager Ruth Baxter on 01757 211049 or email