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Supporting your child

Helping advise your son or daughter about what option they might want to take when they leave school, whether its taking A Levels, a T Level, a Vocational work-related course, an Apprenticeship or work with training is an important and complex task, especially with the number of choices now open to young people.

Choosing a course at Selby College that provides the best prospects for your son or daughter's future involves considering a number of different things:

Firstly, we would recommend that your daughter or son look through the list of courses available in the Selby College prospectus. This guide gives details of the courses currently provided at different levels; it also provides an indication of what your son or daughter might be able to progress onto once they have completed their college course, in terms of higher level courses at college, university courses or the types of jobs that they might want to apply for.

Parents and Guardians Q&A

Each year we get asked a wide variety of questions from parents and guardians interested in ensuring their son or daughter gets the very best education. We've answered some of those questions below.

Q1. Is it now law that my child has to stay in school until they are 18?

The age of compulsory education is 18. The intention is to tackle the problem of young people leaving school unskilled and unprepared for the world of work.

Young people can choose to stay at school, go to college, become an Apprentice or be in employment with training.

Q2. When should my child submit their application form to Selby College?

As soon as possible. Demand for places at our top-performing college is increasingly high for most courses, so we always ask young people to submit an application form as quickly as possible after deciding what they would like to study at college, to avoid disappointment.

Q3. What is Further Education?

Further Education (FE) is any form of education studied post-16 which is below university level. FE is versatile and includes academic and vocational study across a range of subjects and industries.

Q4. Will my child’s attendance at College affect our state benefit?

No, your child attending full-time study should not affect your Child Benefit or Family Tax Credit, but you should inform the appropriate authorities once your child moves from school to college.

Q5. We only have a low weekly income but want our child to come to Selby College after they leave school. Is there any help available with transport costs?

The College operates a Bursary fund for low income families to help pay for equipment costs, trips, transport costs and for meals. We also provide free meals to students whose parents are in receipt of certain benefits. For more information speak to one of our team at

Q6. How is college different to school?

Your son/daughter will notice immediately that at college they are treated like an adult. There are no uniforms, school bells or whistles.

At Selby College, we place emphasis on a comprehensive education experience and ensure that our students’ time is enhanced with learning outside the classroom. This might include self study periods in our Learning Resource Centre and Independent Study Centre, work placements, visits to the employment sector the students hope to work in, talks from experts and specialists in their subject area and trips and visits that enhance their overall learning experience.

We pride ourselves on the pastoral support we offer, which includes Guidance and Support Tutors (GSTs) helping to guide students through their studies, helping to build their motivation and time management. At the same time, our dedicated team of impartial careers advisers help guide students when making important decisions about progression, course and job choices.

Q7. What transport is available to help my child get to and from college?

The college utilises existing Arriva service buses, has contracted bus routes through Thorne and even has three 16-seater shuttle minibuses to help support students who live some distance from any local transport routes. For more information on transport services to and from college, please visit our Transport webpage.

Q8. How will I keep up to date with my child’s progress at college?

The colleges electronic tracking system (eTracker) is accessible both for parents and students via the college Moodle site. The software provides information about your child’s progress, their punctuality and attendance record, as well as their progress against set targets. We also use this information to send progress reports and for discussion at Parents’ Evenings.

Q9. How do you monitor the quality of teaching?

We have regular lesson observation visits arranged throughout the college year to monitor individual tutor’s performance. Every tutor is also observed by a dedicated cross-college team during the year and graded. At the end of each year, students' results are scrutinised by subject to identify any areas that need to be further improved. Selby College currently holds Ofsted Good status in all seven areas.

Q10. What are the entry requirements for Selby College?

Each course has its own entry requirements. We offer a variety of qualifications at different levels, so we have something to suit all abilities.

Q11. What happens if my son/daughter doesn’t achieve the grades required for the course they have applied for?

Don’t worry! One of our advisers will speak to your child and advise them of their options. If they don’t achieve the required grades, we can usually offer an alternative at a lower level. What is important for you to know is that at Selby College, we don’t set young people up to fail by admitting them on to the wrong course, where we know from experience, they will struggle to achieve. We therefore will look for the best option and recommend this when your son or daughter enrols.

Q12. My son/daughter had support at school – will they get support at college?

Yes. The Additional Learning Support (ALS) team offers support, advice and guidance for students with a wide range of learning needs. Before, or when your son or daughter enrols, please speak to one of our advisers about the support needed.

Q13. What catering facilities do you provide?

The campus has both a Refectory and Coffee Shop serving a delicious range of quality and nutritious meals, snacks and beverages. The College also has its own Restaurant, open to staff and students, serving a wide range of fine dining meals to suit every palate.