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Selby Children's University

The Selby Children’s University works with schools to encourage their pupils to take part in learning activities outside their normal school hours.

Children are able to collect stamp codes in their Passport to Learning for attending lunchtime and after school clubs, as well as at Learning Destinations both locally and nationally. Children and parents then upload the stamp codes to their personal dashboard on CU Online, used in conjunction with the Passport to Learning.

Celebrating learning is at the heart of the Children’s University and they are rewarded for participation with Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates. Each year we hold a graduation ceremony for those members who have achieved a Gold level award (100, 200, 300, etc). The event is facilitated by Selby College and parents are encouraged to attend. Wearing a mortar board and gown, children will be presented with an award – just like a real graduation.

What’s Included for schools:

  • Your school will be part of a national community of CU learners
  • Your school clubs will be validated by Selby Children’s University
  • We can provide launch assemblies, certificate assemblies and attendance at parents’ evenings and school events on request
  • Children gaining Gold level awards will be invited to the annual graduation ceremony which includes the loan of gowns, mortar boards and stoles
  • You will receive quarterly newsletters for parents, holiday challenges for your pupils to gain additional hours, plus invites to CU events at Selby College
  • You will be able to access college led activities in school or at Selby College, providing your pupils with an insight into the curriculum offers at FE and HE level
  • The CU Coordinator in school will have access to CU Online including reports on participation and skills building information for your school
  • You will receive tailored admin support from the team at Selby College

To get involved or to find out more information, download the Start Up Guide for Schools or contact a member of the team.

Learning Destinations & Activities

Learning Destinations are places and organisations to which children can ‘travel’ with their Passport to Learning. They provide high quality learning opportunities and experiences and have been validated by the Children’s University

Activity Providers:

If you are interested in becoming a Learning Destination, please visit and complete the online form. You will then be contacted to complete your validation and will receive a welcome pack with everything you need to get started with us.

By joining us as a Learning Destination you will:

  • Help us to provide high quality activities to children in the Selby District
  • Be invited to attend a number of events at Selby College throughout the year
  • Have the chance to advertise your activities online and in our quarterly newsletter

If you would like any more information, please contact a member of the team

Children & Parents/Carers:

How do I recommend a Learning Destination?
Learning Destinations must provide activities which children take part in voluntarily, are outside of normal school hours and suitable for ages 5-14. You can email us your recommendation or you can direct the activity provider to the following link - where they can sign up directly.

How many hours can I gain from an activity?
The number of hours you can collect from each activity is decided upon during the validation process. We want to encourage children to try new experiences and activities. Within each award level we would like to see a mix of activities with no more than 15 hours per term, or 45 hours per year of one single activity counting towards a CU award. The above follows the guidelines set by the CU Trust.

How do I record the Learning Hours?
Each activity provider will now issue a stamp code to be written in the Passport to Learning once you’ve taken part in an activity. This code can then be entered onto your child’s dashboard and the Learning Hours will be automatically credited.

Where can I find Learning Destinations?
All validated Learning Destinations are on the CU Trust website and you can search by area or activity name. This is handy if you are travelling outside Selby and would like to know if there’s any Learning Destinations in the area you are going to.

There is also a number of online/downloadable activities on the CU Trust website