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Why Choose Our Training Courses?

Our experienced Business Advisers will design a programme of support based on a FREE Training Needs Analysis, before passing it to you for agreement.

This will save you time and effort trying to establish what training is available and whether it is appropriate. If an off-the-peg programme of study is not appropriate, Selby College Business Services will design a customised course to meet your needs or recommend where alternative training can be accessed. We aim to provide solutions by developing a knowledge of you, your staff and your training requirements. This is intended to be a long term relationship that can be accessed by your company whenever needed.

From working closely with local employers we have developed a three stage approach to providing the skills required for your workforce.

Stage 1

Identifying and analysing job roles and investigating individual needs and sources of funding that might be available to support your needs.

Stage 2

Developing and planning an employer/employee skills development programme. Agreeing and providing support to ensure your needs are met as flexibly as possible.

Stage 3

Implementing, monitoring and providing quality controls to ensure you and your employees are completely satisfied with the service we have provided.

To book a free training needs analysis:

Tel 01924 789416 or email employerengagement@heartofyorkshire.ac.uk