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Level Entry / 1 / 2

The ESOL 16-18 Study Programme (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

Designed for students whose first language is not English, this course will give students an opportunity to improve all aspects of their English including speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students will also have the opportunity to take mathematics, personal and social development and ICT skills alongside their English classes as well as developing employability skills.

The ESOL 16-18 study programme course covers all aspects of the English Language, and you will study a range of interesting and engaging topics such as holidays and travel, education, hobbies and free time. You will also develop your skills in English grammar, vocabulary building, conversation, pronunciation, reading and writing through detailed practice.

After finishing this course, students have the opportunity to progress to other courses that we offer within the College.

Alternatively, students may attempt to seek employment opportunities with greater confidence in their language skills developed on the course.

There are no formal entry qualifications, but you should show you are prepared to give your full commitment to the course.

You will have an initial ESOL assessment before you join the course to make sure you are put in the appropriate group at a level suitable for you.

By a variety of methods including:

Classroom assessment
Practice exams
Regular homework
One to one tutorials
External tests