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A Level, Level 3


Physics is the study of the properties and interactions of matter and energy. Our understanding of many features of the everyday world relies on knowledge drawn from the ideas and methods of Physics.

On this course you will study how things work, from subatomic particles to galaxies. You will study these phenomena in class through theory, experiments and computer simulations.

You will study a range of topics including:

• Forces, Motion and Energy

• Electric and Magnetic interactions and applications

• Wave Behaviour and Quantum Physics

• Circular Motion and Orbits

• Thermodynamics

• Nuclear and Particle Physics

The majority of our students progress onto a relevant university degree.

Potential Careers

  • Academic Researcher
  • Low Carbon Engineer
  • Risk Analyst
  • Banking/Finance
  • Civil Engineer
  • Astrophysicist

There is a large mathematical component to the course, so confidence using Maths is a must. If you like to know how things work and why things happen, this course is ideal for you.

5 GCSEs at Grade 9-4 including English Language and Grade 6 in Maths

Dual Science at Grade 6/6

Separate Sciences Grade 6 in Physics


Must study A Level Maths

100% Exam

Where can it lead?