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Opportunity Escalator

In a competitive and challenging economic environment, being able to seize opportunities is more important than ever. Many people now find themselves at a career crossroads and are often confused or unsure about the direction to take.

The Opportunity Escalator uses an individually structured approach that will see you consider your skills, interests and abilities and learn how to use these as a match to future opportunities and to identify the direction you want to move in.

The programme has four main pathways each with a different progression outcome:

  • Career Developer – aimed at individuals looking to secure a job role, change career or progress to the next level of employment
  • Potential Leader/Supervisor – aimed at those individuals looking to take on more responsibility in the workplace
  • Self-Starter – aimed at those individuals who are looking to start their own business
  • Community Leader – aimed at those individuals looking to support community action activities

Duration: The course is flexible so can be completed in your own time. It is modular in nature with the opportunity to follow some or all of the content within a pathway. The smallest commitment being equivalent to 30 hours of learning with the largest programme equivalent to 130 hours of learning.

Course Fees: The cost of the programme will be based upon personal circumstances and for a number of learners will be free. You will need to contact a member of the team at or 01757 211097 to discuss your personal circumstances.

Learners will cover a range of elements (dependent on the pathway) including: self assessment, career opportunities, managing money, workplace relationships, health and safety, resilience, business structures and hierarchy, problem solving, IT skills, improving performance, leadership and product development and sales.

The qualification is designed with individual progression in mind, with the opportunity to build skills at a variety of levels and through a range of qualification sizes. The programme has four main pathways each with a different progression outcome:

  • Career Developer
  • Potential Leader/Supervisor
  • Self-Starter
  • Community Leader

Although there are not any formal entry qualifications, learners must be at least 19 years of age.

ID to be provided prior to course.

Each programme will be delivered via a set of interactive and reflective online materials, with the opportunity to attend a number of mentoring sessions to support with ideas and the development of content.

The programme is based upon continual assessment of your reflections on learning and will lead to a Pearson BTEC Workskills qualification.