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Certificate, Level 2

Awareness of Mental Health Problems

This course will provide you with an understanding of what is meant by mental health and mental ill health as well as looking at the legal frameworks that ensure high quality care can be provided. More specifically, this workbook will introduce you to the causes and symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. For each of these mental health conditions, you will explore what each of these conditions may feel like and how they affect the individual as well as how they affect family and friends. Finally, you will gain an understanding of the ways in which these conditions can be managed.

Completion within 16 weeks, although early completion is achievable

Benefits of Study:

  • No need to attend college, work from home at a pace that suits you
  • Achieve a nationally recognised Level 2 qualification
  • Further your personal and professional development
  • Available at no cost
  • Receive support and guidance from a dedicated team of qualified assessors/tutors
  • Study will enhance your personal and professional skills

The student will learn through the support of relevant materials for the course, with a knowledgeable tutor providing advice and guidance on the course content.


  • Understanding mental health
  • Understanding stress
  • Understanding anxiety
  • Understanding phobias
  • Understanding depression
  • Understanding post-natal depression
  • Understanding bipolar disorder
  • Understanding schizophrenia
  • Understanding dementia
  • Understanding eating disorders
  • Understanding attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Understanding obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Understanding post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

You may wish to complete further distance learning courses in: Understanding Children and Young People's Mental Health or Understanding Behaviour that Challenges.

No specific entry requirements, however good written English is desirable.

The course is delivered via distance learning, supported by a range of interactive online resources. Work is assessed by the tutor throughout the course from induction to completion.