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Speech and language therapist

Speech and language therapists help children and adults who have speaking and communication problems.

Potential salary

£24,907 to £44,503

Employment by 2024


Working hours

38 to 40 a week

  • knowledge of English language
  • sensitivity and understanding
  • the ability to work well with others
  • to be flexible and open to change
  • to be thorough and pay attention to detail
  • excellent verbal communication skills
  • patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations
  • knowledge of teaching and the ability to design courses
  • knowledge of psychology
  • to be able to carry out basic tasks on a computer or hand-held device

As part of your day-to-day tasks, you could:

  • talk to clients, observe them and use tests to assess specific difficulties
  • plan and develop therapy programmes
  • support clients through treatment
  • work closely with colleagues like doctors and teachers
  • coach parents and carers to continue their therapy at home
  • keep detailed progress records
  • work with groups or individuals to improve the way they communicate

You could work at a school, in an NHS or private hospital, at a health centre, in a nursery or at a client's home.

Your working environment may be emotionally demanding.

With experience, you could specialise in areas like:helping children with special educational needs; helping eating, drinking and swallowing disorders (dysphagia)

With further training, you could move into teaching and research. You could also become self-employed.

You can find out more about becoming a speech and language therapist from:Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists; Health Careers

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