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UCAS: More students studying degrees locally

Thursday 21 January 2021

UCAS data shows more students are choosing to study degrees locally
More Year 13 students than ever before are choosing to carry out degree-level study closer to home as a result of the pandemic, according to UCAS’ latest survey.

The survey targeted more than 20,000 pupils who are currently applying to go to university, with the results suggesting that nearly a quarter (23%) want to study closer to home[1].

This was also evident in a recent poll by the Student Room, which addressed whether the new lockdown measures are changing students’ plans for the future. While half of the respondents claimed that it hadn’t changed anything for them, the data highlighted that 8.7% of respondents have now decided to go to university closer to home[2].

“The increase of students wanting to carry out their degree-level study closer to home in light of the pandemic and it’s imposing restrictions is signifying a longer-term trend in the market,” said Stephen Mulligan, Assistant Director for Higher Education at Selby College. “Being further from support networks, rising fees and accommodation costs are also factors which are resulting in students choosing to fulfil degrees at local institutes, as opposed to traditional universities. As a result, colleges are now becoming hubs for students to fulfil Higher Education programmes, meaning that they don’t have to travel far or have to pay substantial costs to gain a degree.”

Selby College works in partnership with the University of Hull, the University of Huddersfield and validating body Pearson, to deliver a range of high-quality Higher Education programmes. These cover a number of levels including Foundation Degrees, Full BA/BSc Degrees, Higher National Certificates/Diplomas and Teacher Training.

The College also offers a range of Access to Higher Education courses in criminal justice, health and science. These Diplomas are designed to help those without traditional entry requirements access their dream career, allowing them to develop a range of academic and study skills to prepare for progression to degree-level study.

Data from the Student Room’s poll also showed that there has been a sustained increase in interest for courses that link to future employment– indicating that students are now considering their careers when making decisions about university courses[3].

“As we are a smaller provider in comparison to traditional universities, we are able to design and deliver our Higher Education courses towards more targeted career paths. Our highly qualified and supportive lecturing staff are able to work closely with students to ensure they are able to build firm foundations for long-term career success, through the development of employment-based skills and knowledge. This gives our students the skills and knowledge they need to enter their dream careers, with 93% of our Higher Education students progressing on to a positive destination within 6 months of completing their course,” added Steve.

Despite the current climate, Selby College’s Higher Education fees for both full-time and part-time courses will not be inflated for the academic year of 2021-2022.

For those considering applying to university or college, UCAS has extended the application deadline to Friday 29th January 2021, allowing prospective students, as well as their parents, teachers and advisers, additional time to complete applications and references.

Find out more about Selby College’s Higher Education courses at: https://selby.ac.uk/higher-education/


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