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The Sedamyl Group Supports Local Community with Donations

Monday 27 September 2021

Students across Selby are all set for the new term thanks to a series of donations by one local employer The Sedamyl Group – which encompasses sister companies Sedamyl UK and Uniglad Ingredients. The group has been investing in the local community with a series of charitable donations to schools and colleges as part of their investment in the local area.

Uniglad Ingredients has donated 1,000 units of its own brand hand sanitiser, Safe & Clean, to nearby Selby College, supporting local students and teachers in staying safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. Based on Denison Road and only a short walk from Selby College, Uniglad (as part of the Sedamyl family) is passionate about giving back to the community and wanted to support its neighbour by providing enough hand sanitiser to see the College safely through the next few terms.

The hand sanitiser is made by Uniglad at Sedamyl’s Selby plant, using alcohol derived from UK wheat which the firm sources from local farmers. The alcohol used in the product is denatured alcohol – a product which is made unfit for human consumption by adding additional chemicals (denaturants) to it but is perfect for the use in alcohol-based cleaning products such as hand sanitisers.

The sanitiser has been developed to help prevent the spread of bacterial infections and diseases and is also proven to be effective against Covid-19. The Safe & Clean formula is based on the World Health Organisation’s fully researched recipe that promises to stop the spread of bacteria and viruses, killing 99.99% of germs.

Phil Sayles, Principal and Chief Executive at Selby College, said: “We’d like to express our gratitude to Sedamyl and Uniglad for the generous donation of 1,000 bottles of hand sanitiser. Uniglad and Sedamyl’s commitment to the local area and the support the team has shown to the College and other local businesses during the pandemic has been fantastic to see. Their generous contribution will help continue to keep our students and staff safe on campus, so that our students can continue their learning following a period where there has been so much disruption in education. We look forward to working closely with Uniglad and Sedamyl in the future.”

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