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Sous vide cookery demo for Hospitality & Catering

Tuesday 28 May 2019

Sous vide cookery demo for Hospitality & Catering department

Our Catering & Hospitality department recently took part in a training session conducted by Josh Adams from who are based near Lancaster. The day was organised by Lecturer Liz Brighton after she visited the suppliers’ training centre last month. The company supply sous vide equipment for both the home foodie and professional chef.

As well as Selby College student Holly Lee and Lecturer Adrian Dawes, former student and currently Head Chef at the Black Dog Inn, Camblesforth, Ryan Broughton, attended the day along with his apprentice chefs. They were joined by the apprentice chef from The Oaks Golf Club and Spa, and chef Kurtus Auty, who was also a former student.

During the training session the group learnt about the food safety aspects of sous vide cookery, particular as it involves cooking at a low temperature for a long period of time. They tasted Belly Pork cooked for 72 hours at 62°C, beef short rib cooked for 12 hours at 80°C, as well as lamb rump, lamb shoulder, and carrots cooked for one hour that were still firm!

Liz Brighton said of the day: "My favourite dish was the pineapple cooked with rum and brown sugar at 90°C for 24 hours! The session was very enjoyable with many other tips learnt such as preparing vegetables in seconds in the vac pack machine, dehydrated products in the dehydrator and smoking foods with a smoking gun!”