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College offers aspiring teachers affordable PGCE courses

Thursday 10 September 2020

Selby College supports aspiring teachers with affordable PGCE courses

As teacher training applicants rise nationally, Selby College is helping aspiring teachers gain the skills and knowledge they need for a career in the Lifelong Learning Sector.

According to figures released by Ucas, more than 21,000 graduates have applied to teacher training programmes since the start of the coronavirus lockdown - a rise of 65% on the last five years. From mid-June until mid-July alone, the number of applications increased by 91% compared to 2019.

Selby College offers a Certificate in Education/Professional and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) which cover every part of the profession, from the teaching itself to the administrative and curriculum development activities required, whilst allowing students to focus on their particular subject-specialist area.

“Whether you aspire to be a teacher or a teaching assistant, teachers have the opportunity every day to inspire people of all ages, which is an incredibly rewarding thing,” said Stacy Vipas, Teaching and Learning Manager at Selby College. “For those looking to pursue a career in teaching, our PGCE course offers prospective students with the opportunity to gain the skills they need in a supportive and friendly environment. The flexibility of the course also means it can be carried out during evening sessions, as well as remotely during these uncertain times, meaning it can fit around peoples’ lifestyles and commitments.”

Stacy teaches on the College’s PGCE course and oversees the College’s learning and development strategy. Stacy has also recently completed her ATS training, which represents a badge of advanced professionalism and mastery in further education and training.

Stacy puts this into practice when delivering the College’s teacher training courses, which aim to prepare students for the teaching, administrative and curriculum development activities involved at colleges and other education and training organisations.

“Teaching has always been an appealing career choice, but this attraction has grown even further following the pandemic,” said Phil Sayles, Principal and Chief Executive at Selby College. “The significant role that teachers play in shaping and supporting our society has been well and truly magnified during lockdown, which is why it is not surprising that applications for teacher training programmes have soared. At Selby College, our experienced and passionate tutors are well positioned to help aspiring teachers gain the knowledge and understanding they need to make that step into a career in the Lifelong Learning Sector, affordably and flexibly.”

The two-year course is designed to prepare students for a career in the Lifelong Learning sector which could include further education, adult education, offender learning, local government, health services, police, the armed forces, or for private trainers.

The programme is based on attending evening sessions and a significant amount of learning happens on a teaching placement – allowing students to put theory into practice.

These teacher training qualifications are awards of the University of Huddersfield, a leading institution in teacher education, and enable students to focus on their particular subject specialist area.