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Selby College celebrates another year of A Level success

Thursday 9 December 2021

Selby College is celebrating the success of its A Level provision as figures reveal that the College is in the top 25% of A Level providers.

For the academic year 2020-2021, the College received an A Level Performance Systems (ALPS) Quality Indicator score of 1.02, which has landed the College amongst the top 25% of A Level providers in the country.

The analysis revealed that 49% of the College’s teaching is marked as red (nine subjects), which means it exceeds the top 25% of the national benchmark.

ALPS is a tool for education providers to measure the value they add to a student’s A Level performance compared to what might be expected of them following their previous academic performance at GCSE. It uses a red (top 25%), black (50%) and blue (bottom 25%) colour coding system, enabling tutors to know at a glance how their class is performing against national benchmarks.

The College achieved a 99.6% pass rate for its A Level provision for 2020-2021, with 63% of students achieving a high-grade of A*-B.

In the same year, the College secured 100% retention for its Year 2 A Level students and 95.9% retention for Year 1 A Level students, in 2020/2021.

“At Selby College, our ethos has always been about providing a well-rounded education for all of our students based on their individual choices, capabilities and aspirations. These latest figures prove our commitment to and success in maximising our students’ potential during their time at the College and their future ambitions, whatever their study route,” said Sue Martin-Standley, Vice Principal for Learning and Quality at Selby College.

90% of the College’s A Level students also went on to a positive destination after completing their qualifications. Within this, 82% went onto Higher Education, with 31% heading to top Russell Group universities.

Selby College’s Horizon Programme is designed to help students secure place at Oxford, Cambridge or other Russell Group universities, across a range of disciplines including Medicine, Mathematics, Law, Dentistry, Computing, Veterinary Medicine and other highly competitive degree courses.

As part of this, students receive additional support to ensure they are made fully aware of the opportunities available to them and are motivated and equipped to apply for them.

“Within the Science department alone, 77% of students went on to study at a Russell Group University. This goes a long way in highlighting the success of not only our A Level provision but our Horizon programme, which opens doors for our most gifted and able students to progress on to some of Britain’s top universities,” said Karen Ralphs, Curriculum Manager at Selby College.

After securing A*’s all around in Chemistry, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics, Daniel Cooper secured a place at the University of York to study Chemistry in 2021.

Former student Fergus Sandham secured his dream place studying Law (BA in Jurisprudence) at St. Peters College at the University of Oxford. Prior to this, student Emily Morbey also went on to study Human Sciences at University of Oxford.