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A Level Careers Week 2022

Wednesday 2 February 2022

By Selby College

Selby College hosted a Careers Week for itsYear 1 A Level students between Monday 31st January until Friday 4th February 2022, highlighting the different career paths students can take once they have completed their studies.

The week was packed full of activities including guest speakers, interactive sessions, workshops and a trip to Ripon Workhouse.

Friday 4th February – Leading professors deliver talks to History students

As part of the activities for the week, Year 1 History students also enjoyed a guest talk from Modern History Professor at the University of York, Chris Renwick, who talked about Seebohm Rowntree.

Professor Matthew Grenby, from Newcastle University, also delivered a session on the origins of children’s literature in the 18th century.

Peter Turner, History Lecturer at Selby College, said: “The students were very engaged in the sessions, so much so that they stayed behind for a short option session after class, where they got to ask questions about studying humanities subjects at university. Both of the presentations delivered by Professor Chris Renwick and Professor Matthew Grenby were greatly received and supported the students in their learning of their Paper 3 study of the Industrial Revolution.”


Thursday 3rd February – Criminology and Psychology students learn more about restorative justice and psychology

Natasha Lacey from Remedi, an organisation which offers restorative justice services, also visited our Year 1 Criminology and Psychology students. Natasha delivered a session on restorative justice and psychology in Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service.

As part of the presentation, Natasha explained what restorative justice is and the different methods of which offenders can engage with their victims.

Restorative Justice and Psychology Session

Wednesday 2nd February – History students go back in time at Ripon Workhouse

Our Year 1 History students enjoyed a trip to Ripon Workhouse museum, in Ripon, were they were able to explore what life was like in the workhouse, courthouse and prison.

The students started the tour at the gatehouse building of the Victorian Workhouse, before making their way on to the Guardians’ room, inmates' bathing area, Vagrants' Cells and the Receiving Ward.

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Ripon house History Trip

Tuesday 1st February – Mathematics students explore their career options

The Mathematics' department focused on careers, with Lecturer Ian King delivering a talk on the different careers available within the financial sector. A range of career options videos were also presented to the Year 1 Mathematics students. The department also launched a week long project which saw the students research a chosen career which they picked from cards within the classroom.

Monday 31st January – Newcastle University deliver workshops to Biology, Chemistry and Psychology students

To kickstart A Level Careers Week, our Year 1 Psychology students took part in a Forensic Psychology workshop with representatives from Newcastle University.

Ione Taylor, Outreach Ambassador and Matt Larkin, Student Recruitment Coordinator, both from Newcastle University, talked to our Psychology students about their progression options within the Psychology industry.

The interactive workshop also saw the students engage in conversations about what psychology is, what the universal emotions are and the nature vs nurture debate.

Forensic Psychology session

Ione and Matt also visited our Biology students, delivering a workshop on the basics of genetics and disease which included a PCR practical.

Biology session 2

They also delivered a ‘saved by the gel’ themed pharmaceutical workshop to the College’s Chemistry students, which explored the clinical and scientific side of pharmacy. Students were introduced to the different roles that a pharmacist has and were also able to make their own pharmaceutical gel.

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Chemistry session