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If you’re not yet sure whether an apprentice is right for your business, why not take on a trainee first?

An ideal opportunity for individuals aged 16-24 to get a feel for the workplace before progressing to an apprenticeship or full-time role.

Working with the College, we develop a package of learning in employability skills, specific skills needs and other learning aspects to support the learner into work. Learners must be engaged for 6 weeks up to a year, with a placement of around 2 days per week (this can be shared with another employer).

At any time after the 6 week point you can choose to convert the learner to become an apprentice. Should the learner not be suitable you must provide feedback, but we will be able to support you in recruiting additional learners.

Under the Government’s ‘Plan for Jobs’ scheme, an employer taking on a Traineeship placement will receive the £1000 support bursary, for traineeships that are completed by July 31st 2021.

Traineeships are a great opportunity for local employers to support the community and to see the difference that a new employee’s perspective can bring. Working together, we can then mould those ideas and motivations with skills to enable that individual to become an asset to the business by progressing them into an apprenticeship.

To find out more, contact our team on or call 01757 211097.