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Support With Training Programmes

ESF and Higher Performance Workplaces

As businesses you will be fully aware of the dual impact that the pandemic and Brexit has had upon operations.

Key to an effective response is ensuring that your workforce is appropriately skilled to enable you to adapt and respond to the changing economic landscape.

The West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges' (WYCC) Higher Performing Workplaces (HPW) provides support to enable you to develop your workforce in the short term to stabilise and recover and the longer term to ensure business growth.

As part of this offer Selby College provision as part of this project will support you to:

  • Develop digital working practices in response to changing workplace landscapes
  • Empower workplace leaders to innovate in responses to changing business challenges
  • Nurture leadership talent

Through a range of blended learning programmes supported by one-one learner coaching.

The offer contains the following course programmes:

  • Progression to Team Leading
  • Personal Development Planning
  • Team Leading
  • Customer Service
  • Lean Organisation Management Techniques
  • ICT for the Changing Workplace
  • Managing Business Challenges
  • Developing Business Innovation
  • Coaching and Mentoring to Support Business Improvement

Funding through the European Social Fund is offered at 40% intervention rate with employers contributing a minimum of 60% in match funding (cash) towards the cost of training.

For further details of the programmes, please email or call 01757 211097.

The Higher Performing Workplaces project is managed by the West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges (WYCC) and funded by the European Social Fund (ESF).

ESF Skills Support for the Workforce

Using apprenticeships to upskill your current workforce to give them the skills needed to respond to the challenging economic landscape is a cost effective and quality driven decision. With a range of standards coupled with the support of ourselves as a high performing provider, an apprenticeship route can offer clear benefits to both employer and employee.

The challenge of the move from existing employee to apprentice is, however, often underestimated. Without the development of clear strategies for capturing off-the job learning and without a supportive approach to re-engage with learning, employees often struggle to adjust. Failure to successfully negotiate this transition is often cited as a key reason for withdrawal from apprenticeship programmes.

With the support of the European Social Fund and the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding LEP, Selby College is able to offer free support to employees of SME’s to transition from employee to apprentice. Through the completion of 6 online modules participants are able to balance new learning and job responsibility and developing skills, knowledge and understanding which empowers them to take ownership of their apprenticeship programme.

The programme is tracked by a nominated assessor/coach who will provide 1-to-1 support, monitor progress and provide feedback. This support will mirror what would be expected within a work-based apprenticeship but also ensures that relevant behaviours, skills and knowledge have been developed.