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Traineeships: The perfect stepping stone into employment

Wednesday 14 April 2021

By Paul Cliff, Assistant Director of Business Development at Selby College

Following Rishi Sunak’s recent budget speech, you may have heard the word ‘Traineeships’ cropping up more frequently in the news. While Traineeships were originally introduced in 2013, the increased incentives within the Chancellor’s recent budget to take on a trainee – or an apprentice – has seen momentum build up considerably around Traineeships.

What are Traineeships

So, what are Traineeships? To put it simply, they are a route to paid work that supports individuals in developing the vital skills needed by employers. Traineeships are a great stepping stone for young people to enter the world of employment, providing them with the opportunity to gain skills and work experience whilst preparing them to work in a professional environment.

Traineeships are structured College programmes, with support provided where required with maths, English and IT skills, alongside the work placement itself. Although Traineeships are unpaid, they are classed as approved education, meaning it does not affect the ability of the trainee to claim benefits, even if the placement exceeds 16 hours a week.

One of the greatest benefits of Traineeships is that they are flexible and are applicable to the majority of industries and workplaces. This means that young people can find a programme which sparks their interest or meets their aspirations, which will hopefully lead to meaningful employment or an Apprenticeship which they can begin to build a career on.

An exciting opportunity

I was recently speaking to the owner of The Grinning Frog, which is an emerging, yet thriving, publisher in the tabletop gaming sector, looking to take on a trainee to support its digital marketing. Now on its 10th edition of its PDF magazine The Oracle, The Grinning Frog represents a passionate sector of the gaming industry – with the biggest name in its hobby including Dungeons and Dragons, which is a direct company of Hasbro. With its list of magazines expanding and its fan base growing, The Grinning Frog is looking for someone who can support them in maintaining and expanding its online presence through its website and social media accounts.

This is a fantastic opportunity for someone looking to immerse themselves in an engaging and fun project to develop their skills and build on their experience. For those looking to enter the marketing industry, this is also a way to build your experience of using online platforms and to refine your social media skills. In particular, if you are a big fan of gaming and entertainment, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Another significant benefit of Traineeships is that they have the potential to lead to an Apprenticeship or a full-time role. This is a great chance to prove your worth and impress Stephen Hart, the owner of The Grinning Frog, who is open to considering a paid apprenticeship position if the work completed is proven valuable to his company.

The Oracle

“Having traded successfully and published multiple books and magazines over the past year, it is clear that there is a strong market for the material that I produce. What I now need is a bright, enthusiastic individual who shares a passion for roleplaying games and wants to learn and develop their marketing skills. The traineeship gives someone the opportunity to practice their social media marketing skills in a very direct, hands on way.

With measurable results, they can learn what works and what doesn't and make changes to the marketing to enhance the success. With tangible results will come the opportunity to take this to the next level as an apprentice, where again, they can learn about business, develop their communication and marketing skills and how to increase sales through social media marketing that they are directly in charge of. This is an expanding position, which will move from simple to more complex marketing activities.”

Stephen Hart, the Owner of The Grinning Frog

If you are aged between 16-24 years old and are interested in this Traineeship opportunity in Digital Marketing, or would like to find out more about our Traineeships opportunities, please contact our team on or call 01757 211097.

If you are an employer who is interested in taking on a trainee, please also get in touch using the details above.

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